Jim Starkman and son Jeff Starkman are principal owners and partners in ElectroTech. Jim currently serves as Chairman of the Board; Jeff as President. 

James Starkman

Chairman of the Board


Direct Line:   763-235-9705

Cell Phone:   612-325-5247

Fax:   763-235-9765

E-mail:   jim.starkman@electrotech-inc.com

Denny Branca

VP, MN Utility Division

Direct Line:   763-235-9713

Cell Phone:   763-807-9201

Fax:   763-235-9773

E-mail:   denny.branca@electrotech-inc.com

Jim Fleming, CPMR

VP & WI Division Manager

Direct Line:   763-235-9751

Cell Phone:   708-203-6032

Fax:   763-235-9741

E-mail:   jimf@electrotech-inc.com

Steve Puk, RCDD/OSP

Director of Data Comm

Direct Line:   763-235-9722

Cell Phone:   612-963-7830

Fax:   763-235-9740

E-mail:   steve.puk@electrotech-inc.com

Diane Wood.JPG

Diane Wood

CRM Administrator



Direct Line:   763-235-9717

Fax:  763-542-8102

E-mail:   diane.wood@electrotech-inc.com

Jeffrey Starkman, CPMR, CSP



Direct Line:   763-235-9710

Cell Phone:   612-868-5859

Fax:   763-235-9770

E-mail:   jeffs@electrotech-inc.com

Phil Bonthius, CPMR

VP, Commercial & Industrial Division


Direct Line:   763-235-9711

Cell Phone:   612-384-9487

Fax:   763-235-9771

E-mail:   phil.bonthius@electrotech-inc.com

Jim Lynch, CPMR

Vice President


Direct Line:   414-367-9787

Cell Phone:   414-367-9787

Fax:   763-235-9745

E-mail:   jim.lynch@electrotech-inc.com

Kurt Green

Commodities Manager-C & I Sales

Direct Line:   763-235-9715

Fax:   763-542-8102

E-mail:   kurt.green@electrotech-inc.com

Christina Wiskow

Executive Assistant


Direct Line:   763-235-9737

Fax:   763-235-9747

E-mail:   christina.wiskow@electrotech-inc.com

Bob Anderson

Utility Sales

Direct Line:   763-235-9702

Cell Phone:   701-400-8210

Fax:   763-235-9762

E-mail:   boba@electrotech-inc.com

Shawn Miller

Utility Sales

Direct Line:   763-235-9712

Cell Phone:   605-480-0883

E-mail:   shawn.miller@electrotech-inc.com

Mike Crane

Utility Sales

Direct Line:   763-235-9739

Cell Phone:   612-816-7373

Fax:   763-235-9769

E-mail:   mike.crane@electrotech-inc.com

Brian Kosar.jpg

Brian Kosar

Utility Sales

Direct Line:   763-235-9719

Cell Phone:   217-273-6251

E-mail:   brian.kosar@electrotech-inc.com

Jared Hunter.jpg

Jared Hunter

Utility Sales


Direct:  763-235-9706
Cell Phone:  406-855-4173
Email: jared.hunter@electrotech-inc.com

Chris Yelle.jpg

Chris Yelle

C & I Sales


Direct:  763-235-9756
Cell Phone:  763-286-6200
Email:  chris.yelle@electrotech-inc.com


Steve Carlon

C & I Sales


Direct:  763-235-9742
Cell Phone:  612-499-3238
Email:  steve.carlon@electrotech-inc.com

Matt Havlik.jpg

Matt Havlik

C & I Sales

Direct Line:   763-235-9721

Cell Phone:   605-270-1877

E-mail:   matt.havlik@electrotech-inc.com

Dave Utley.jpg

Dave Utley

Technology Sales

Direct Line:   763-235-9720

Cell Phone:   651-219-1112

E-mail:   dave.utley@electrotech-inc.com

Mike Clementson

Product Line Mgr.

Direct Line:   763-235-9714

Fax:   763-542-8102

E-mail:   mike.clementson@electrotech-inc.com

Joe Whitstone

Product Line Mgr.


Direct Line:   763-235-9754

Fax:   763-235-9744

E-mail:   joew@electrotech-inc.com

Jon Koleski

Product Line Mgr.

Direct Line:   763-235-9738​

Fax:   763-235-9748

E-mail:   jon.koleski@electrotech-inc.com

Adam Miller.jpeg

Adam Miller

Product Line Mgr.

Direct Line:   763-235-9718

Fax:   763-542-8102

E-mail:   adam.miller@electrotech-inc.com

Sally Orr

Product Line Mgr.


Direct Line:   763-235-9750​

E-mail:   sally.orr@electrotech-inc.com

Cheryl Aagaard


Direct Line:   763-544-4288

Fax:   763-235-9760

E-mail:   recept@electrotech-inc.com