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James Starkman, CPMR

Jim Starkman.jpg

Chairman of the Board

Jim Starkman, is ElectroTech Chairman of the Board, became a partner in the company in 1973 and President in January 1980. Since then, Jim has guided the company's successful sales direction, expanding its business base through representation of quality manufacturers and setting the tone for the company's values, ethics and culture.

A Minnesota native, Jim has over 40-years experience in the industry. Immediately before joining ElectroTech (then Lanick and Liljegren), he was Vice President of Sales and Eastern Operations for B.J. Carney Company, a Spokane, Washington, electrical products manufacturer. He has an engineering background and a Master's degree in Business Administration, and has long held designation as a Certified Professional Manufacturers' Representative.

As Chairman of the Board, Jim continues to develop ElectroTech's long-term strategies to further its growth and success pattern.

Direct Line:   763-235-9705

Cell Phone:   612-325-5247

Fax:   763-235-9765


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